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      thinking about space fucks me up 

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      English “man” racially abuses a young Japanese woman on a London train. 


      Not here for the “man” being in scarequotes at all but holy shit look at this asshole

      This woman is minding her own business but she has to endure this bird shit’s abuse because of a war in the past???

      Let’s emphasize the fact that this man is BRITISH and the Brits have a VERY extensive history of worldwide bloodshed and colonization! But I don’t see tram riders of color lambasting this fool for raping, murdering, and robbing! I see him very conveniently ignoring these facts!

      And then people tell me racism doesn’t still exist in this country. It’s in fucking London, the place I grew up at. And growing up as a non-white girl there, I have to say that even before I was 10, I had experienced some very nasty racist situations like this one - funnily enough they were always in very public places like the tube and recently even my father had someone being racist to him when he’d gone to the bank - and often the people saying these things weren’t even drunk. And this didn’t happen to me only but it also happened to a lot of my other non-white friends or even some of my white East European friends so don’t tell me that England is 100% perfect with no racism present at all in this country. Sometimes it pisses me off to the core when people romanticise this country. I know a lot of people aren’t racist but doesn’t mean that racism has been completely wiped out. It’s important people see the reality and think about how they would have felt in a role-reversal situation. Often people didn’t even help me if someone was being racist towards me (idk if they were too scared or also agreed with the racists) and I was just a child. So what you can do is learn from this and help people and back up the victims to stop this shit from happening. 

      It’s beyond me how there can be people who actually think that “there’s no racism in the UK”. England is the birthplace of colonialist white supremacy ideas, and certainly has been the most damaging exporter of white supremacy. So how could people, even for an instant, think the UK has no racism?

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      This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

      Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

      Give it time.

      Needed this today

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*sexts this picture*


      *sexts this picture*

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      I want a boyfriend but I also want to be single and badass at the same time

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The ’50s were fucked up man.

*tries this at next house party*



      The ’50s were fucked up man.

      *tries this at next house party*

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